The Roots of Earth Science in Connecticut & The New World

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When Benjamin Silliman left New Haven for England in 1802 he sailed straight into what is referred to as  “The Heroic Age of Geology” in Europe, a period when modern ideas about fields of earth science first began to emerge.  Following his return, he began training what would become the first generations of American geologists, paleontologists and ecologists, and exerted an influence over the progess of science in the New World that is still felt more than two centuries later.

In his life, Silliman knew tragedy, triumph and renown.  As one of the most compelling figures of his day, the story of his life reveals much not only about the history of science in the US, but also about the cultural history of Connecticut and New England.  This program tells about Silliman’s life and work, and explores his many contributions to the development of science, to education, and to our nation.

Benjamin Silliman, the pioneer of earth science in the New World, and a Connecticut native.