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Aligned with State Standards: Rocks & Minerals (3.3), The Changing Earth (7.3), Plate Tectonics, (High School Enrichment); Evolution (10.5), Evolution (High School Enrichment); Living Things (K.2), Food Chains (4.2), Ecosystems (6.2), Ecology (High School Enrichment).

We offer a variety of slide show programs about Connecticut's natural wonders which have become favorites around the state.

The school programs we offer bring the 2004 state standards for earth science to life by drawing upon the natural history of local places. These include professional development for teachers and teacher conferences, as well as classroom programs for middle and high school students. Programs include:

Our programs draw on material from the guides to the natural history of Connecticut we publish, as well as current events around the state. Books in the series include: Great Day Trips to Discover the Geology of Connecticut, by Connecticut geologist Dr. Greg McHone, Great Day Trips in the Connecticut Valley of the Dinosaurs, by Brendan Hanrahan, Great Day Trips to Connecticut’s Critical Habitats, by Dr. Robert Craig, and Best Fishing Trips in Connecticut by outdoors writer Bob Sampson.

Slides from the program: Discover Connecticut's Natural Wonders