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A billion years of earth history in 5,000 sq. mi.

Aligned with State Standards: Rocks & Minerals (3.3), The Changing Earth (7.3), Plate Tectonics, (High School Enrichment).

Geologists marvel at the incredible diversity of earth history that is recorded in the rocks of Connecticut.  This program provides a complete geological history of the state, illustrated with animations, video clips, maps and diagrams, and describes how fundamental geological forces worked to piece it together.

Starting from a global view, and with the development of the concepts such as the rock cycle, continental drift, seafloor spreading, and plate tectonics, this program traces a progression of events over the past billion years that shaped the landscape we see today.

It describes the orogenies or “mountain building” land mass collisions that occurred here in the Paleozoic, the rifting, sedimentation and volcanism in the Mesozoic, the long periods of erosion that followed, the relatively recent surficial effects of the last Ice Age, and the development of modern day watersheds.

This program is an ideal supplement to geology units such as Rocks & Minerals (3.3), The Changing Earth (7.3), Plate Tectonics, (High School Enrichment).

The Geology of Connecticut is amazingly diverse, especially for so small a state. Its many geological regions, or terranes, provide an extraordinary record of earth-shaping events that have occurred over the past billion or so years. Today, local rocks provide educators with extraordinary opportunities for teaching geology.