Dinosaurs of the Connecticut Valley & the tales they tell!

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50-minute slideshow with seldom seen images
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WNPR Faith Middleton Show Interview

It isn’t the kind of place people imagine when they think of dinosaurs.  The Connecticut River Valley may not fit the image of a place that was once home to dinosaurs, but it is where many astonishing discoveries about dinosaurs have been made for centuries.  This slideshow presentation, which includes many images seldom seen before, tells the tales of two centuries of dinosaur fossil discoveries in western Massachusetts and central Connecticut.

Presented by Brendan Hanrahan, author of Great Day Trips in the Connecticut Valley of the Dinosaurs, the program tells tales of discoveries of many strange bones and odd footprints made here and traces the remarkable contributions local scientists have made to dinosaur science.

Discover how modern day leading edge theories about the dinosaur-bird connection, dinosaur habitats and dinosaur behavior can be traced back to discoveries made in the Connecticut Valley more than 150 years ago.  Learn how evidence of all of the major groups had been found in Connecticut even before scientists even knew that dinosaurs once existed.

This program includes tales few have heard, yet are easily explored, often in no more time than it takes to pull off a highway to eat lunch.

Illustrations by Will Sillin

Photo of Eubrontes, the Connecticut State Fossil, by Paul E. Olsen