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Classroom programs use Connecticut sites and local natural history to bring State Science Standards for fields of earth science to life, making learning engaging and memorable.

Classroom programs
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We work with teachers to tailor individual classroom programs to address their teaching goals and their students' specific needs.

Our programs are designed to complement and enrich earth science studies and align with State Standards: Rocks & Minerals (3.3), The Changing Earth (7.3), Plate Tectonics (HSE); Living Things (K.2), Food Chains (4.2), Matter & Energy in Ecosystems (6.2), Ecosystems (6.2), Ecology (HSE); Heredity & Evolution (10.5), Evolution (HSE).

Presented by author Brendan Hanrahan, classroom programs bring essential concepts of fields of earth science to life using significant local sites, video clips, animations, color images, and illustrations.

Connecticut's natural history and present day natural environments provide extraordinary opportunities to explore subjects such as geology, ecology, evolution, and to bridge from local inquiries to broader, global phenomena and occurrences.

These programs are highly flexible and adaptable to meet individual teachers specific wants and needs.

Photos by Greg McHone