Great Day Trips in the Connecticut Valley of the Dinosaurs

by Brendan Hanrahan

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Explore Connecticut Valley dinosaur fossil sites and learn what they reveal about the Age of Dinosaurs.

Read about the astonishing discoveries of the past—and leading-edge theories being advanced by paleontologists at work in the valley today.

WNPR Faith Middleton Show Interview

Discover the real Jurassic parks of the Connecticut River Valley! Travel back 200 million years, to early in the Age of Dinosaurs, with renowned paleontologists such as Paul Olsen, Spencer Lucas, Steve Gatesy, and Martin Lockley.

Explore the possibility that the Age of Dinosaurs began much the way it ended—with a mass extinction that wiped out more primitive reptiles and enabled early dinosaurs to grow into the giants of popular imagination.

Visit a state park where you will see fossil remains of actual dinosaur habitats and make a plaster cast of actual dinosaur footprints. See the ancient past brought back to life through life-size murals, hundreds of dinosaur tracks, fossil fish, fossil plants, restorations of dinosaurs, ancient phytosaurs, amphibians, flying reptiles, and more.

Follow in the footsteps of dinosaurs and explore Connecticut Valley sites where leading edge ideas about the dinosaur-bird connection and social behavior in dinosaurs first emerged over a century and a half ago.

Get details about Late Triassic and Early Jurassic dinosaur habitats and ecosystems, the dinosaurs of the Connecticut Valley, local dinosaur fossil discoveries. Complete descriptions of local bone and footprint fossils, fossil sites and museums.

Discover how evidence of the major groups of dinosaurs was discovered in the valley even before the beasts were known to science.

Connecticut is a place where you don't have to take the experts' word for it. Here, anyone can explore much of the same evidence renowned paleontologists are writing about and make up their own mind about what it reveals. This book tells you how!

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