"Stunning images..brings the world of CT's amphibians into your home or school!"
Hank Gruner, herpetologist





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Review by Hank Gruner, Herpetologist, Project Coordinator, Connecticut Amphibian Monitoring Project & Interim Director, The Children’s Museum, West Hartford

Connecticut is home to 22 kinds of salamanders, frogs and toads.  Most remain hidden in the forests, swamps and streams that share our neighborhoods – until now.  Naturalist Brian Kleinman has captured some stunning images on a DVD that brings the world of Connecticut’s amphibians into your home or school.

The DVD joins Brian on his quest to document the seasonal life cycles of these fascinating creatures.  We get to experience the sights and sounds of his amphibian safari and share in his excitement with each discovery.  The first capture of the “purple salamander” along a gurgling forest brook in summer, a deafening midnight chorus of treefrogs, the cold, rainy night march of the spotted salamanders, the springtime aquatic dance of the newt, and much more.

The close-up video images provide a truly unique look at these often misunderstood animals.   You will be amazed at the range of patterns, colors and behavior on display in the amphibian world and will discover new things with each viewing.

However, the thing that I like most about this DVD is that after viewing it, you want to go right out to the local forest or swamp and start looking under logs to see what new neighbors you might find.  An activity that I suspect Brian would wholeheartedly endorse!

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