"Viewers get up close & personal with species they likely never knew inhabited their backyards!"
Twan Leenders, herpetologist





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Review by Twan Leenders, Assistant Professor of Biology, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Curatorial Affiliate, Vertebrate Zoology, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History and author of A Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica.

"I really liked the seasonal approach [of the documentary] and the way it crams in tons of information about the biology, habitat use and natural history of the animals. Viewers get a broad education in amphibian biology while getting up close and personal with species they likely never knew inhabited their own backyards.

"Few people realize that we have species such as spotted salamanders that rival exotic species in their gaudiness and bold coloration. Or species such as the red eft which are not only brightly colored but also warn potential predators about their significant skin toxins in the same manner as the famous poison-dart frogs. Even fewer people realize that most of our salamanders live on land and breathe without lungs or gills. Or that they breed using direct development, where tiny salamanders walking out of their eggs and skip the aquatic larval stage altogether.

"Hopefully this documentary will be the eye-opener that will catch people's attention and inspire them to go out and learn even more about Connecticut's frogs and salamanders. It is a treat to see the diversity of Connecticut's amazing amphibians, both in appearance as well as in biology, highlighted in such an intimate manner!"—Twan Leenders

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